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How Coaching Can Help Your Freelance Editing Business

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Have you ever thought about working with a coach to help you build your freelance editing business? Or wondered why people actually hire business coaches or other types of coaches to help them?

In my Freelance Editors Club, we have calls twice a month where I coach people on how to build their business, hone their editing skills, and find clients.

But sometimes we need a little extra support. Sometimes you need someone to help you specifically in where you’re struggling to build your business or to help you overcome some of those obstacles you may be facing that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

That’s where one-on-one coaching comes in. I’m a certified coach through Jessica Stong’s Cycle of Courage coach training program. Through working with Jessica as my own coach and learning from her to become a coach, I’ve seen the huge difference working with a coach can make.

What is Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Coaches honor the client as the expert of their life and work and believe that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole.

It’s the coach’s responsibility to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client accountable and responsible

How Can Coaching Help You in Your Business?

1. A coach can show you how to change your thoughts so you can achieve your desired results.

When you’re first starting your freelance editing business, you’re likely to stumble across some questions and some roadblocks. How do you land more clients? How can you get more organized? How do you stay focused? How do you make time for editing and everything else that needs to get done every single day?

As your coach, I can help you work through those thoughts and emotions to help you figure out how to best move forward in your business.

2. A coach can help you discover your blind spots when it comes to roadblocks you’re facing in your business.

I want you to think about why you haven’t accomplished a goal yet. Really dig deep into the reason behind it. You might say you’re too busy, but is there something deeper in that? Are you experiencing some fear? Are you afraid you’re not qualified enough? Do you think someone else is doing it better than you?

First of all, these are all completely normal things to be experiencing when it comes to starting or growing your freelance editing business. But that doesn’t mean they have to stop you in your tracks.

As your coach, I can help you get deeper into what is holding you back and help you take action.

3. A coach can help you build and maintain healthy boundaries.

When you first start working with clients, it’s easy to want to go above and beyond. And while I do think we should always give our best work, we need to have boundaries for our work and for our time.

As your coach, I will help you determine the best boundaries for you so you’re not feeling burned out and wanting to quit.

4. A coach can help you shift your thinking and guide you toward a positive mindset.

The fact that you’re even reading this proves that you have a growth mindset. You want to continue to learn and improve.

But sometimes we have thoughts around things from our past, what others have said about us or what we do, or about money that can keep us stuck.

As your coach, together we will work through those thoughts and help shift them toward a positive mindset so you don’t stay stuck.

5. A coach can hold you accountable and help keep you on track toward your goals.

You’re growing a business, which takes a lot of work. You probably have set some goals for the number of clients you want, how much income you’d like to make, etc.

As your coach, I can help you set goals that will stretch you, while also helping to keep you accountable.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with me as your coach, I offer free discovery calls so we can work through those roadblocks together and get you set on the right path. Please schedule your call below to get started!


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