Once a red-pen-wielding grammar snob who loved finding errors in everything, I’m now a community facilitator and freelance business coach for modern editors who want to move past perfection and get to the heart of the matter: helping elevate writers’ and authors’ voices.

In my ten-plus years of working as a freelance editor, I’ve found that in the industry, things are a little backward—excluding marginalized groups, focusing on perfection vs. building author voice authenticity, and holding little support for other editors. That’s why I make it my mission to help foster a powerful, supportive, and badass community where editors encourage each other and lovingly push each other to create businesses doing what they love.

Although my brain is very analytical and I have a knack for finding mistakes in anything, I’ve found that my real gifts are helping people thrive and creating a community to help one another grow—it’s what it’s all about. I’m even more thrilled to help represent more people in more communities, and that we are all here to share resources and cheer each other on—not compete with each other.

Although freelancing can feel scary and isolating, it doesn’t have to be. As a community, we got this

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