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Creating an Intentional Mindset as a Freelance Editor

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In the Freelance Editors Club, the first thing we focus on—before we ever get into talking about words or editing—is your mindset. The words we use outward, as well as inward, are important and inform how we experience situations, interactions, and how we act (or don’t act) inside of our businesses.

In other words, your words MATTER when it comes to how you talk about your business to both yourself and to others.

I recently had the opportunity to join my friend + mentor Allison Hardy on her 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast to talk about your internal and external dialogues as a mompreneur. I’ve been a member of her Lead Generation Lab for a while now and love learning from her on how to grow a profitable business.

In this episode, we talk about how powerful your words are, whether they’re the words you share on social media or the words you’re speaking to yourself internally. If you’re building your own freelance editing business, I think you’ll really enjoy our conversation in this episode.

4:20 –> My superpower in my business

7:40 –> How you use words and how you experience life

11:15 –> Belief, comparison, and your thoughts around your business

14:45 –> The words of 2020 and how they’ve impacted our business

19:15 –> Are we doing too much talking or are we actually listening to what our audience is saying?

21:00 –> Words you should NEVER use in your marketing

Be sure to listen to the episode and subscribe to Allison’s podcast!


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